About Ultra Techwear

Over Ultra Techwear

We offer high-quality Japanese streetwear and techwear from Berlin at very fair prices, so maximum style is accessible to everyone.

Inspired by the Japanese streetwear movement and military tactical clothing also called Techwear - Ultra Techwear offers the mix of Japanese streetwear with futuristic designs often with Japanese characters and Harajuku prints and highly functional Techwear accessories.

You can rest assured that at Ultra Techwear we make sure that quality comes first.

Our range promises one high quality print that won't fade or disappear even after multiple washes.

Especially in the Japanese streetwear and Harajuku collections complex designs with Japanese characters or Harajuku Anime Prints used.

The quality of the material is just as important. Thanks to years of textile innovation, we offer very high-quality clothing, especially in the Techwear range.

Compared to cotton clothing, Techwear clothing creases less quickly, wicks sweat directly and is waterproof .

The biggest downside to high-end techwear apparel is the price. At Ultra Techwear you will find everything to complete your techwear and streetwear outfit.