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Cyberpunk Cosplay Functional Mask - Fuga Studios
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The Cyberpunk & Techwear Mask Collection from Fūga Studios

Are you looking for a mask that is both practical and uniquely cyberpunk style? Our techwear mask collection will inspire you. Perfect for airsoft, paintball, Halloween or cosplay.

Cyberpunk meets functionality

Our techwear masks from Fūga Studios are not just a fashion statement in cyberpunk design. They also offer optimal protection. From tactical designs to respirators - our selection is diverse and unique.

Dystopian cyberpunk look

Fans of cyberpunk, ninja and gothic will love our mask collection. With LED and glowing techwear masks, they are an eye-catcher at every cosplay or rave event.

Accessories for your techwear mask

In addition to our cyberpunk and techwear masks, we also offer matching accessories. This includes techwear caps and many other accessories that complete your look.

Your Fūga Studios shop for techwear masks

Fūga Studios is all about techwear and cyberpunk. Discover our wide range of clothing, accessories and of course our specialized section for techwear masks. Visit us in Berlin or browse online. For everyone who loves the cyberpunk look and at the same time values ​​functionality.

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