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Are you a fashionista? Then you will probably like the Techwear style . It's an urban clothing movement that's very hot right now. In fact, she has won over many people with her futuristic and mysterious side.

Unconventional and extravagant, it has everything that the followers of a new era of fashion and streetwear would like. In the range you will find the Techwear Hoodies. These are stylish hoodies that are practical and emphasize your personality. Take a closer look at this new toy for urban style fans.


Want to adopt this style but not sure what it is? In a few lines, learn the definition and origin of this new branch of the fashion industry.


Techwear denotes a fashion movement, a new style of streetwear. At first glance, it looks like you've just returned from a trip down memory lane. If you are looking for a trendy and unusual style, this is the one for you to stand out.

Etymologically, techwear means technical clothing . That means it's designed to make your life easier . Therefore, all the clothes of this fashion have the following characteristics.

First: They have avant-garde or innovative cuts and designs. They are made from unique and innovative materials. Second, they have sophisticated and practical accessories.

You can get used to the idea that they look like superhero gear and not just clothing. This style was created to be practical for everyday wear .

In any case, you should know that the definition of this new branch of fashion evolves over time. If today it means a form of abstract art or an encounter between aesthetics and pragmatic logic. That can change again tomorrow. In any case, it always projects you into the future of fashion. So if you like innovation, why not try it?


This type of clothing had its beginnings in the 70's . At that time it was intended for mountaineers. Indeed, manufacturers have designed clothes that protect against the cold with coated fabric. This was followed by the development of technical textiles such as Gore-Tex. Today Gore-Tex can be found in almost all jackets.

This style was adopted by workers to improve their working conditions. It is particularly popular with the military, security guards and couriers. They later became very popular as they were adopted by the nerd and cosplay community.


This trend is different from the others that are currently in vogue. Rather, the focus here is on the functionality of the clothing. So you should know that Techwear stands for simple and discreet clothing. There are no extravagant colors or visible zippers. Everything is hidden and only the quality matters.

On the other hand, this fashion has a dash of performance and efficiency. The creations are robust, waterproof, odor-resistant and antibacterial. They meet high standards. They are weatherproof and can accompany you in good condition for many years.

Also, this style has some flexibility and real dynamism. With aerodynamic designs, anatomical cuts and freedom of movement, it puts comfort first. It also offers great freedom of movement. In addition, the fabric is light and breathable.

As for practicality, the Techwear features multiple pockets and various attachment devices. So you always have your most important items at hand: telephone, bank card, ID card, etc.


Techwear has a large collection. Hoodies are one of the most popular. These hoodies offer you comfort and warmth in cold weather. This type of tracksuit is essential because it can go with any outfit. It has shapes, textures and colors suitable for all situations. It is also a tactical, practical and aesthetic piece of clothing. To learn more about the features and benefits of Techwear Hoodies, you can read the following lines.


The first benefit you get from a Techwear hoodie is its practicality. This is due to its innovative technologies. It is made from windproof, breathable and water-repellent materials. So you can get through the winter relaxed. With her hood she keeps you warm. Your hands won't get brushed in the kangaroo pocket. In changeable weather, the hood also protects you from the rain. Sometimes it comes with an adjustable drawstring so you can wear it comfortably.

On the other hand, this type of outfit is ideal for mid-season. Thanks to the soft, breathable material and the high density of the seams, sweating is limited in the hot season. It also warms you up in the evening.


This model is not like any other type of hoodie. It is characterized by its unique and futuristic design. With it you can stand out from the crowd very well. With its loose fit and oversized sleeves, it also has the advantage of going with any type of outfit. It fits well into your streetwear wardrobe without you having to worry.

You can find different models on the market: with or without a zip, in different colors or patterns... It all depends on your personality and your desires.


With so many styles out there, finding the ideal Techwear hoodie can be difficult. To help you with your choice, you can focus on the following criteria.


The first thing to look for when buying your Techwear hoodie is its material. Most models on the market are made of cotton and polyester. Lightweight, breathable and healthy, they ensure comfort and softness. In addition, they are suitable for all seasons.

When choosing a fabric, also consider the thickness and weight of the fabric. The thicker it is, the more it will keep you warm. It also ensures a high level of resilience. He promises you a commitment for long seasons.


This outfit is worn in plus size. Therefore, you must choose a model that is slightly larger than normal. To help you see better, you can consult an online size guide. Don't hesitate to check the correspondence between the Japanese size and the European one to avoid mistakes.

As for the cut, it's normal for it to be loose. However, it is better to make sure that the sleeves fall well on your shoulders. This gives your style more aesthetics.


Being a technical garment, it must have storage spaces. To find the right model, you need to check if it has pockets. You can choose between a large kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm in winter and small pockets with flaps to store your belongings. Also pay attention to the placement of the pockets. They need to be easily accessible to make your life easier.


If you do some research, you will find Techwear hoodies in different styles. Depending on your preference, you can go for a relaxed style, a faux pas two-piece, and many others. You can also choose between different patterns and prints. The most popular are the kanji prints and those with Japanese symbols. To underline your personality, you can go for a goth ninja look with a cyborg head.


When shopping, you should also pay attention to the quality of the Techwear hoodie. Make sure it's thick enough to protect you from the cold and rain. Straps or cords with metal tips are important for a secure fit on the head. A hood that can be attached with a zipper is more practical. So you can take them off if you get too hot.


This type of clothing comes in sober and subtle colors. Usually you have the choice between black, white, gray and green. It all depends on your taste and style. In any case, each color can be adapted to different outfits.


This hoodie isn't hard to find. You can look around clothing stores to buy one. But you can also order it online. At Ultra Techwear we offer you a large collection of techwear , including hoodies. There are many models. It's up to you to choose the model that suits your needs.

Other techwear items are also available on the site, to the delight of all streetwear lovers. You can put bags , hats , accessories in your basket. Don't forget to look at the price to stay within your budget. Don't wait any longer and make room for this new vibe!


This futuristic outfit is not too expensive. You can get it between 65 and 85 euros . It all depends on the style, the brand and the material. In any case, don't forget to consult a price comparison service to get a good deal. Also look at the bargains and the various special offers.


Having a Techwear hoodie is one thing. But knowing how to wear it is something else entirely. To avoid fashion faux pas, here are some tips and golden rules to help you.

Be aware that this garment is unique . That's why it remains the heart. So you have to be conservative about the rest. Avoid wearing extravagant bottoms. Prefer simple and understated pants. In fact, the basis of this style is discretion . A pair of jeans, a camouflage model or a jogging suit, for example, are just the thing. A plain t-shirt is also to wear under the hoodie for comfort.

As for color, neutral tones are preferred. Beige , white , black , gray or khaki green can go with any tone. But you can also add a bit of color to stand out. In this case, you can choose a model with Japanese lettering or decorations that contrast with the background color. To stay on trend, you can also use reflective and shiny fabrics.

When it comes to accessories, it depends on the style you want to emphasize. For example, if you want a cyberpunk look, consider adding chains to your pants. You can also wear a mask. For the winter you can wear a hat with the hoodie. A hat or bob is also a nice alternative for summer.

It is best to wear sneakers as shoes. You can also order Techwear pairs if you want.

On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that the Techwear hoodie is an evolving fashion. So there is no fixed practice. Everything can change all the time as long as it stays in futuristic style.

To avoid a look that looks like it's straight out of bed, it's a good idea to choose a size that's true to your height. Make sure it's neither too loose nor too tight.