Sweatpants for men

Techwear Tactical Multi Pocket Pants - Fuga Studios
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Streetwear Unisex Made Extreme Dead Tree Pants - Fuga
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Streetwear Unisex Made Extreme Multi Zip Joggers - Fuga
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Techwear Urban Voyager Joggers - Fuga Studios
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Streetwear Unisex Casual Pants - Fuga Studios
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Sweatpants for men

The Fūga Studios collection is not just a collection of trousers. It's a carefully curated selection that reflects the diversity and depth of contemporary menswear.

Techwear jogging pants for men

For the man who wants to combine functionality with futuristic design, our Techwear jogging pants offer just that. With water-repellent materials and slim silhouettes, they are perfect for the urban explorer.

Opium style sweatpants for men

The dark and mystical aesthetic of Opium style is reflected in these jogging pants. They are ideal for those who prefer an edgier, alternative look.

Streetwear jogging pants for men

Our streetwear jogging pants are at the heart of casual fashion. With a comfortable fit and trendy designs, they are a must for every fashion-conscious man.

Y2K sweatpants for men

Inspired by early 21st century fashion, our Y2K jogging pants combine retro elements with modern designs to create a distinctive look.

Gothic jogging pants for men

Featuring dark tones and unique designs, our goth jogging pants are perfect for those who prefer a dramatic and edgy style.

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