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Introduction to the world of Japanese streetwear coats

Welcome to the exciting world of Japanese streetwear coats! In this article we will focus on Harajuku fashion and discover what makes Japanese coats so special and unique. Ready? Then let's dive in!

The latest trends in Japanese streetwear coats

Harajuku coats

Harajuku is a well-known district in Tokyo, famous for its unique fashion and culture. Harajuku fashion is colourful, daring and innovative. Here are some of the latest trends in Japanese Harajuku streetwear coats:

  1. Oversized Coats: Large, voluminous coats are a must in Harajuku fashion. They add a casual and cool touch to any outfit and can easily be combined with other streetwear elements.
  2. Patterns and Prints: Bold patterns and prints are a key element of Harajuku fashion. Whether it's anime characters, Japanese characters, or abstract art, colorful cloaks with creative designs will catch everyone's eyes.
  3. Futuristic details: Harajuku streetwear coats can also contain futuristic elements, such as unusual cuts, asymmetrical shapes or innovative materials. This creates a unique and modern look.

Top collections of Japanese streetwear coats at Ultra Techwear

Japanese streetwear coats collection

In this collection you will find a wide range of Japanese streetwear coats perfect for the fashion-forward Harajuku fan. Coats come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, all capturing the spirit of Harajuku fashion.

Japanese streetwear puffer jacket collection

Puffer jackets are another trend in Harajuku fashion. In this collection you will find colorful and eye-catching puffer jackets that give your outfit that certain something.

Japanese streetwear fleece jackets collection

Fleece jackets are comfortable, warm and versatile. In this collection you will find Harajuku style fleece jackets that are ideal for colder days while looking stylish at the same time.

Popular Japanese streetwear coats and jackets at Ultra Techwear

  1. Devil Horns Puffer Jacket : This eye-catching devil horns puffer jacket is a real eye-catcher and a must-have for any Harajuku streetwear fan.
  2. Streetwear Devil Horns Fleece Jacket : Combining comfort and style, this cozy devil horns fleece jacket is perfect for cooler days.
  3. Streetwear Creshock Puffer Jacket : With its futuristic design and striking color combination, this puffer jacket is a real statement piece for the cooler months.
  4. Streetwear Heart Icon Wool Jacket : Fusing a traditional Japanese aesthetic with modern streetwear elements, this heart icon wool jacket is both stylish and comfortable.
  5. Harajuku Teddy Bear Puffer Jacket : With its playful design and cozy filling, this teddy bear puffer jacket is ideal for anyone looking for a unique and trendy jacket.

Check out the entire collection of Japanese streetwear coats and jackets at Ultra Techwear for more great pieces.


    Japanese streetwear coats are an important part of Harajuku fashion. They are characterized by their creative designs, eye-catching colors and innovative cuts. Whether you're a fan of oversized coats, puffer jackets or fleece jackets, you're sure to find the perfect Japanese coat for your personal style at Ultra Techwear. Dare to try the daring trends of Harajuku fashion and give your outfit a touch of individuality and creativity with these unique coats!