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Gothic pants by Fūga Studios: A dark masterpiece from Berlin

Dive into the dark elegance of Fūga Studios' collection of gothic trousers. Straight from the heart of Berlin, we bring you a fusion of traditional gothic style and modern influences like streetwear , Y2K and opium .

Our Signature Gothic Pants Collection

  • Gothic Shorts: Perfect for summer, these trousers combine a dark aesthetic with comfort.

  • Punk Pants: Rebellious and edgy, with elements like chains and studs to bring out your inner punk.

  • Gothic Jeans: A mixture of classic denim and dark mysticism that emphasizes your individual style.

  • Goth Pants: Versatile designs that suit any occasion, from casual to formal.

Why Fūga Studios' Gothic Pants?

As a Berlin brand, at Fūga Studios we fuse gothic elements with other styles such as Japanese streetwear to create avant-garde garments. For us, fashion is not just a piece of clothing, but an expression of your personality and your attitude towards life.

Discover the latest trends

We are constantly looking for the latest trends in the Gothic and Japanese streetwear world. Our collections reflect the latest designs and styles, so you always have your finger on the pulse.

Find your perfect goth pants

Finding the ideal goth pants can be challenging. But don't worry, at Fūga Studios we have a wide range of styles and sizes. Check out our size chart and discover designs that suit your taste.

Expand your gothic look

In addition to our gothic pants, we also offer other clothing items and accessories to complete your look. Discover our gothic jackets , gothic shirts and many more.