Cargo pants for women

Streetwear Unisex Cargo Shorts - Fuga Studios
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Streetwear Girl Cargo Pants - Fuga Studios
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Cargo pants for women

The Fūga Studios collection presents women's cargo pants that combine both functionality and contemporary design. Each pair of pants is an expression of our passion for fashion and quality.

Y2K cargo pants for women

The Y2K cargo pants for women combine nostalgic designs with modern cuts. Perfect for ladies who appreciate a retro touch in their everyday look.

Streetwear cargo pants for women

Our streetwear cargo pants are more than just practical. You are a statement. Discover trousers that reflect the urban lifestyle while offering maximum comfort.

Techwear cargo pants for women

Functionality meets style in our women's Techwear cargo pants collection. These pants are not only suitable for everyday wear, but also for active adventures.

Gothic cargo pants for women

For those who like it darker, our gothic cargo pants offer just the right thing. Dark tones and edgy designs create a distinctive look.

Opium cargo pants for women

Our Opium Cargo Pants are inspired by dark romance and mysticism. They are perfect for ladies who want to spice up their look with a touch of mystery.

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